MAGNESIUM BATH SALTS With Essential Oils, Hemp & Dried Herbs


Magnesium Bath Salts, Epsom Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt mix with Essential Oils,Hemp & Dried Herbs

Geranium oil & Hemp & Rose Petals

Tropical Coconut & Hemp & Nettle

Jasmine, Lemon & Hemp & Marigold

Cinnamon, Orange & Hemp & Wild Thyme

Lavender &  CBD

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MAGNESIUM is known as nature’s relaxant and can be found in our diet or taken as a supplement. Less known but really beneficial is taking a magnesium bath to aid relaxation of tired bodies and pain relief.

Health benefits of magnesium sulfate (also called Epson Salt) are : Promotes sleep and stress reduction, helps after exercise recovery, reduce pain and swelling. Excellent for general skin health and wellbeing. Great addition to relaxing foot bath.

We mix our bath salts with a range of essential oils and dried herbs as different herbs and nutrients work differently for different body parts and also can have a soothing effect to an emotion strain on your soul.

Do not use on broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Seek advice of your healthcare professional if you are suffering from a medical condition.


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Magnesium Bath Salt

Tropical Coconut, Jasmine & Lemon, Cinnamon & Orange, Geranium, Lavender


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