Respiratory Relief Essential Oil Blend 10ml


Peppermint, Tea Tree oil, Frankincense & Lavender essential oils blend in undiluted form not mixed in carrier oil so it can be used to diffuse of few drops on the tissue on the go or even few drops in your evening bath for relaxation



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ESSENTIAL OILS can be a great additional, safe & healthy option to help you protect yourself from air born viruses. Diffuse Single Essential oil or Blended Various Essential Oils in the air to help you cleanse and purify the air around you in your house or workplace. You can put a drop or two of any essential oils into a tissue and keep it in your pocket and inhale from it when in public places like trains or crowded areas

In 10 ml bottles with a dropper for £ 9.99 or 50 ml for £19.99 with (optional)
ceramic burner for £ 5.00 each.
Few complimentary tea lights also included




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Essential Oil Blend-Breath Relief

10ml, 50ml


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