RELAX CBD Oil ( Hybrid ) 10ml


RELAX  CBD oil (Hybrid) Cannabis Whole Plant extract blend with Organic Hemp Seed Oil. This is a clear substance and has that distinctive CBD oil’s colour, smell & flavour reduced!

Recommended to unwind, relax and soothe your senses with this unique blend of oils, designed specifically by Hempelicious as part of our premium range. For individuals wanting to support their health and wellbeing. A modern ‘little helper’.




We use a Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract > 16% CBD, which has been CO2 extracted from female plants sourced by industry experts and cultivated to incorporate ‘green goodness’, creating the best terpene profile for wellbeing.
Contains pure hemp seed oil and Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant CBD extract.
Approximately 1880mg of Cannabis Hybrid whole plant extract, nominal 16% CBD concentration. This equates to 300mg CBD garnering 3% overall final concentration.

Estimated maximum dosage 200mg per day. Take 2-5 drops twice daily. Dispense desired amount under the tongue


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