EASE CBD Oil (Sativa) 10ml


EASE CBD oil (Sativa) Cannabis Whole Plant extract blended with Organic Hemp Seed Oil. This is a clear substance that has its distinctive CBD oil’s colour, smell & flavour reduced! Recommended for those who do not like the very strong, earthy taste of the hemp / cannabis plant products.


Our Ease oil is self explanatory. With its restorative qualities this oil can be used throughout the day as maintenance for our lives and bodies.
Perfect for those who want to balance their busy days and create a sense of wellbeing.

For this product we use a Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract > 16% CBD, extracted from female plants that are organically grown under the sun. Only the best buds and flowers are used for our extracts. Diluted in rich and pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil.
Contains pure hemp seed oil and Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant CBD extract.
Approximately 630mg of Cannabis Hybrid whole plant extract, nominal 16% CBD concentration. This equates to 100mg CBD garnering 1% overall final concentration.

Estimated maximum dosage 200mg per day. Take 2-5 drops twice daily. Dispense desired amount under the tongue.


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