Natural Help Against Viruses in the Air


ESSENTIAL OILS can be a great additional, safe & healthy option to help you protect yourself from air born viruses. Diffuse Single Essential oil or Blended Various Essential Oils in the air to help you cleanse and purify the air around you in your house or workplace. You can put a drop or two of any essential oils into a tissue and keep it in your pocket and inhale from it when in public places like trains or crowded areas… Or put a few drops on your protective face mask.

Never use pure essential oils directly on the skin as they can irritate the skin.

Please also note: A FRAGRANCE is not the same product as an essential oil, fragrance is a synthetic scent, while the essential oils are natural herbal extracts so only use those! You only need a few drops.

There is a huge range of essential oils to use for keeping the air fresh & purified and to ease Respiratory difficulties.

Essential Oils great to fight against viruses:

Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary, Pine, Lavender 

Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit,

Frankincense & Myrrh essential oils 

It is known from history that when Frankincense and Pine essential oils were burnt in the streets during the plaque to drive away evil spirits, there was a decrease in the casualties in regions where this was done.

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