Convenience store

Dear customers.

The Ivy Garden Convenience store aims to serve the local community, but also the online customers as well so we also offer home delivery services.

We want to promote healthy eating and locally resourced products as much as we can.
We have weekly deliveries of different varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables, fresh Welsh eggs, fresh bread & dairy. We stock cooking ingredients, personal hygiene products, & cleaning products, pet food and of course the choice of sweets, biscuits, cookies & crackers.

 We offer a wide range of cold drinks and our fresh beans coffee machine has 6 different hot coffee options to choose from, hot chocolate, mocha and hot water for making teas or herbal infusions. We make fresh pastries to compliment the fresh coffee. We bake our own baguettes and prepare them to take away cold or warm.
We are huge advocates of juicing so more than happy to prepare you a freshly made vegetable and /or fruit juice.

We stock up frequently and we aim to listen to our customers and their suggestions about a new stock they would like to have in the store.


The Ivy Garden Convenience store has also a lovely back garden that will be available for customers once the weather improves and COVID restrictions will be lifted, so they can consume their coffees & snacks or spend time with their friends.