Ivy Garden’s Meno-Ease

Hi to everyone thanks for joining me on my journey threw menopause.

Myself as a woman in her late 40-ties and my partner as a man, also experiencing my journey threw menopause with me has helped me to get a better grasp and understanding of what I am going threw (luckily for me he knows that im going threw my natural changes which really helps..,

So I decided to share our experiences on this blog.


If you are not interested in prescribed medication to help you manage your symptoms, you might consider more natural alternatives.

Why ‘Go Natural’ when it comes to managing your menopause symptoms?

Maybe you don’t like the idea of adding hormones to your system or are worried about side effects & have heard lots of scare stories..

Maybe you can’t take HRT for medical reasons or have been using it for years but think it’s time to try something new and have heard there are alternatives…

Or you haven’t made your mind up yet, you’d like to try a mixed approach maybe? or that you want to see how you get on naturally before seeking any medical help. share your journey with us, you may have had an experience that needs to be brought to light, that someone else may relate too..

We offer no treatment ,but will help you understand an alternative route to manage your menopause symptoms . We offer an informative Guide to Natural Menopause and our experience and knowledge to share with you.

We also have some wonderful products to offer along with a basic plan on how to make the changes in your daily life …

Our MENO-EASE range is built around the most notorious of the ‘meno’ / ‘peri-meno’ symptoms like:

dry skin, tender breasts, hot flushes, day / night sweats, water retention, circulatory problem.

so any personal questions feel free to contact me or stay tuned to the blog:


See you soon Miss Ivy….