We have transformed The Ivy Garden shop  into a Convenience store.

We loved our cozy boutique and we still offer our CBD products, herbal supplements, natural body care products and beneficial essential oils on our online shop. The range of products we feel, offer our  customers the most diversity possible for improving & maintaining their health and well being, using organic, natural herbal remedies and tonics. We will never stop learning about hemp and its products, other excellent superfoods and all sorts of natural ways of health management. We want to continue sharing our knowledge with online community through or holistic journal,  touching on topics such as CBD Info, menopause, aromatherapy, juicing and other topics close to our hearts.


Your new corner shop is here! 

We are a newly opened convenience store in Cogan, Penarth The Ivy Garden Convenience store. We promote holistic and environmentally low/ no-impact ways of daily life through our new business activities. We resource fresh produce locally when possible, with minimal packaging and transport. We only use 100% degradable or paper carrier, produce and bakery bags.

We make fresh vegetable juices to take away and offer them in the very innovative BioBPS cold drink takeaway “Butterfly cups” with multiple benefits for consumers and environment like the elimination of of plastic lids and straws. The cup prevents splashes, leaks and drips. BoiPBS cups are completely plastic free, totally recyclable  and 100% compostable at ambient temperature and biodegradable naturally in soil into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.