The Ivy Garden is a second venture for our parent company The Brain Box Shop,

which is set in the vibrant heart of Swansea and has been successfully running for over a year. ​

In that time, TBBS has established itself as an industry forerunner in the UK CBD business and prides itself on staying true to its values and customers, by providing the fullest variety of products the market has available. ​

Expanding our business to another location and opening a second shop allows us to diversify our ranges slightly, to cater for different clientele, and enable us to offer our customers an alternative CBD shopping experience in a beautifully picturesque location without the hustle and bustle of the inner city. ​

Our staff are well trained and are given detailed information on all of our products, so with the best of our knowledge and understanding we can help you choose the products which are right for you. ​

Although whilst our staff are knowledgeable about the products we stock, we have no medical training and can not give advice on any health condition. We also make no medical claims about our products. ​

Any recommendations we make are based on our knowledge of our stock and generalized information given to us about product ingredients and how some people with certain conditions have responded to those ingredients. ​

We always recommend you tell your GP, pharmacist or nurse before starting any new herbal regime. Our site contains many links for any medical professionals to gain the information they need to guide their patients to utilize CBD to best suit their individual needs. 

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